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2017 Most Pledges - Corporate Category

Current Pledges 2017 $7374
Current Total to date Pledges $56,025

Long Lake Chiropractic Centre in Nanaimo, BC has been participating in the Child Development Centre fundraiser the Silly Boat Regatta for 12 years. We are happy to contribute to this worthwhile cause and we are thankful for the awards we have received.

 2017 Most Pledges - Corporate

 2016 Most Pledges- Corporate

 2015 Most Pledges- Corporate
 2014 Most Pledges - Corporate
 2013 Most Pledges -  Corporate
 2012 Most Pledges -  Corporate
 2011 Most Pledges - Corporate
 2010 Most Pledges-  Corporate 


2017 Best Team Spirit

2016 Super Silliest Sailors

2016 Honorable Mention Top Team Spirit
2015 Super Silliest Boat

2015 Super Siliest Sailors
2014 Honorable Mention Super Silliest Boat 
2013   Super Silliest Sailors
2012   Honorable Mention Super Silliest Sailors
2010   Honorable Mention Super Silliest Sailors
2009   Super Silliest  Boat

Thank you To The Well Pub For being our 2017 teammates




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Silly Boat Regatta

July 13, 2014


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2012 Silly Boat Regatta Heat #3




2010 Shaw TV the Daily Interview




2009 Silly Boat Regatta: Winners of Heat #3




CTV Vancouver Island "I Love this Island"

Bruce Williams Interview

Friday July 13th, 2012 with Dr. Shawn Thomas and Dr. Ansel Updegrove in Nanaimo, BC.





2013 Nanaimo News Bulletin reports Long Lake Chiropractic wins Most Pledges-Corporations


2011 Nanaimo News Bulletin interviews Dr. Shawn Thomas


Thank You To All the Patients & Businesses That Donate to Make Our Events A Great Success Every Year.


Thank You To Our Yearly Platnium Sponsor
Mr. Chris Martin.








We’re devoted to the evolution of healthcare and the well-being of the human experience. And if we’re going to promote change that truly makes a difference we feel we need to support the ongoing research involved with understanding the link between the upper cervical spine and optimal well-being

Total Donations to date $24,307



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